you're a cheerleader when...


you're a cheerleader when... I'm a cheerleader, what's your excuse?
nonotmary asked: It's sad, because I read all of these little things and I smile, realizing that cheer leading has pretty much taken over my life. To the girl that claimed that cheer leaders weren't athletes:
You are so, so, so, so, so wrong. I'll be the first to agree with someone who argues that cheer leading isn't a sport. It's not. Anything where points are given by opinion can't be classified as a sport. Along with cheer leading goes diving, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and tons of other really popular activities. But that doesn't, by any means, define the people who take part in these activities as non-athletes. Cheerleading, when done right, requires the agility of a soccer player, the flexibility of a gymnast, the reaction time of a boxer, the speed of a runner, the strength of a weight-lifter, the poise of a dancer, and an amount of confidence that is unmatched. I'm not saying that every girl who wears a uniform is an athlete, but there are some of us who slave away in the gym for 20 hours a week, who dedicate every fiber of our being to becoming the best of the best, and work our asses off to earn the respect of every other kid on every other team out there. Those of us who are proper cheer leaders are proper athletes as well.

i. love. this. 

splendid-breath asked: cheerleaders aren't real athletes, just fyi.

ok well, your opinion is your opinion so i’m not going to fight you on it, but cheerleaders are real athletes. it takes much more athleticism than most people realize, and if that’s really how you feel you probably shouldn’t be telling someone that is running a cheerleading blog. just a thought.